Alfredo worked on a model farm where he learnt how to plant higher value and more drought resistant crops than the traditional beans and corn.  A few years after starting and he has his own small plantation of 700 pineapples. In this photo they are less one month from being ready to harvest.
Reyna has been learning how to keep bees and produce honey for 5 years.  She is proud of what she has learnt and achieved in that time, including exporting some of her honey for sale in the UK with the help of British charity Nuevas Esperanzas.
Rody lives high on the slopes of Volcán Telíca where she has traditionally lived off the produce of the family farm and the small excess that they sell to the market if there's a good harvest.  Now, she is has undergone training as a tour guide and hopes to improve her family's living standard by working as a guide on the volcano and in the adjacent canyon.

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